Les oiseaux

Electric Guitar Pierre Delcourt
Amplified classical guitar Malena Sardi
Violin Sarah Turine
Composition, Directing, Drums Thomas Turine
Voice and text Clément Laloy
17′ 2007

In the cycle of musical transpositions, “Les Oiseaux” transposes very precise bird songs. This piece is thus in the continuity of a very large musical tradition, one of the purest lines of the influence of nature on music, its primary origin one might say. If the idea of a divinity would have appeared to the man by looking at the starry sky, the music certainly arrived to him from the bird. Elementary transmission of our animal ancestor. Of the primitive song, we make our aesthetic reason. Word of composer.

Here I work with the Gonolex, the Desert Sirili, the Musician Wren, the Pied Piper, the Mountain Whistler, all interpreted by some sensitive musicians like Hummingbirds.