Fugue is a free interpretation of the Counterpoint n°1 of J.S.Bach’s Die kunst der fuge, given and set to music during the Wijckaert Tribute #3 on October 3, 2015 at La Balsamine Theater, Brussels.

Improvised concert for Martine Wijckaert, based on the scores of Contrapunctus °1 and sampled interviews of Martine Wijckaert, made the day before, in her office on the second floor of the Balsamine Theater.

Concept, interviews, sampling, electro-acoustics and direction Thomas Turine
Guest: Bb and Bass clarinet, path in the quartet Yann Lecollaire

“Throughout the performances of Wijckaert, a bomb, we have invited her closest collaborators to create a short form with Martine Wijckaert as ‘subject’ and ‘object’. Each of them will take part in this difficult and stimulating exercise of “winking” at Martine Wijckaert. When the creator becomes a creature… Under their particular gaze, Martine will lend herself to this game which promises beautiful surprises. It is in an extremely short and lively time that these daily appointments will be repeated and proposed. From then on, here is the program of all the participants who, day by day, will adapt Martine to their personal sauce. “