Michel Jakar / Plus rien ne bouge

Michel Jakar was fascinated by the work of the painter Jean Rustin and made a series of films around and about Jean Rustin. Together we built three installations with two video screens facing each other, in the middle of which, or not, the viewer is placed, thus not being able to see both images at the same time. Three strong objects declining impressions of Jean Rustin’s paintings, in a universe very particular to Michel Jakar. This was his last work, his last work.

Aube sur toile – Le Temps Fini – Standby Off

Director Michel Jakar
Editing Virginie Longe
Image Jean-Jacques Mathy – Michek Jakar
Music and Sound Design Thomas Turine
With : Greet de Meurisse, Jean Fürst


2 thoughts on “Michel Jakar / Plus rien ne bouge

  1. Sacha

    Merci Thomas de nous rappeler ce dernier projet de Michel.
    Je viens de découvrir que son site n’est plus….

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