Forces / Mannès Turine Lemaître

photo © Hichem Dahes

“Best Dance Show for the 2020 Maeterlinck Critics’ Awards”

FORCES is a futuristic and immersive ritual where three female figures carry us away in a whirlwFORCES is a futuristic and immersive ritual where three female figures carry us away in a whirlwind of primary, telluric and technological forces. Like cyborg warrior shamans, these smugglers draw on the invisible, to make their bodies the vector of a vital, collective, emancipatory metamorphosis.

In the wake of ATOMIC 3001, Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine and Vincent Lemaître continue to explore the triangular and fusional relationship between body, sound and light, in order to provoke in the viewer a sensory, total and inclusive experience.

FORCES uses the irrational to celebrate the power of the living by featuring a permeable body in constant mutation, a body connected to the elements, to chaos, to joy and to the community trying to re-appropriate its power from within .

Photo © Laetitia Bica

Forces est un rituel futuriste et immersif où trois figures féminines nous emportent en un tourbillon de forces primaires, telluriques, et technologiques, en une nécessaire célébration du vivant. Telles des chamanes guerrières cyborgs, ces passeuses puisent dans l’invisible, pour faire de leurs corps, le vecteur d’une métamorphose vitale, collective, émancipatrice. Dans le sillon d’Atomic 3001, Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine et Vincent Lemaître continuent d’explorer la relation triangulaire et fusionnelle entre le corps, le son et la lumière, afin de provoquer chez le spectateur une expérience sensorielle, totale et englobante.

Conception Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine & Vincent Lemaître | Choreography Leslie Mannès | Original live music Thomas Turine | Light creation Vincent Lemaître | Creation and interpretation Leslie Mannès, Mercedes Dassy, Daniel Barkan | Costume creation Marie Artamonoff | Artistic advisor Joëlle Bacchetta | Photo Laetitia Bica/Espèces, Hichem Dahes | Distribution BLOOM Project 

Production Asbl Hirschkuh | Coproduction Les Brigittines (Be), Le Gymnase – CDCN Roubaix (Fr) as part of the reception studio program | With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation – dance service, SACD Beaumarchais, SACD Belgium, La Balsamine, Cosipie, Charleroi-Danse, René Magritte cultural center (Lessines – Be)